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Cosmetic Dentistry | Dr. Rosa Alvarez

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Let your teeth thrive with you by letting Dr. Rosa Alvarez, a dentist in Hialeah, be in charge of your cosmetic dentistry needs. What is cosmetic dentistry you ask? Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term, but there are five popular cosmetic dentistry operations.Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term, but there are five popular cosmetic dentistry operations.

1) The first is bleaching, which is done because of discolorations of the teeth and stains which ultimately result from cigarettes, coffee and tea. It can also be hereditary. Bleaching is a common chemical process which is used to whiten teeth and make smiles look more aesthetically appealing.

3) Crowning is when a cap or cover is placed over the tooth to reshape and make the tooth or teeth look more appealing. This is often done using porcelain, ceramics, or even metals

5) Finally, there is contouring and re-shaping. What Dr. Alvarez, a dentist in Hialeah, does is she takes a quick look at your teeth, whether they are healthy or unhealthy and fixes any misshaped teeth, overlapped teeth, or crooked teeth and brings your smile back to the good ole’ days.

2) Then there is bonding. Bonding is commonly used to change the color of teeth and or to fill in a gap! Dr. Rosa Alvarez alters the color of the bonding to be the same color as your teeth, or whiter, and assists in making your smile more pristine.

4) If you have crooked, chipped or discolored teeth a veneer may beright for you. Like a crown, a veneer is a thin strip of plastic or porcelain which Dr. Rosa Alvarez places over the front of your tooth or teeth to fix discoloration or the shape of your teeth. It is a simple process and Dr. Rosa Alvarez would love to help you.