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About Us

We live in an environment where excellence is expected and achieved. Dr. Rosa Alvarez, the implant specialist.


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Dr. Rosa Alvarez

Dr. Rosa Alvarez

One of my professional goals is to help patients recover their confidence and ease their fear of dentistry. My approach to dentistry involves not only restoring beautiful smiles and maintaining good oral health, but also improving confidence and quality of life for every patient in treatment. Through my fifteen years of experience I have developed new meanings of success, instead of money determining success, happiness does. When a patient leaves my office with a smile and a vote of confidence I feel as if my job is done and I can continue restoring smiles and confidence indefinitely. While teeth cleanings are able to brighten up a smile and root canals are able to stop the tooth from decaying, I wanted to provide an option more permanent, more beneficial for the long term.

I decided to specialize in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. I geared my office with the most innovative and cutting edge technology so that I could provide the best possible treatment to anyone who comes in my door. Each and every day I reflect on my studies at Nova Southeastern University and continue to participate in courses that can further develop myknowledge in the new technology of implants and cosmetic dentistry.I live in an environment where excellence is expected, and I work very hard to achieve it. There is something very special about bringing a smile back to the good old days, to see a patient look in the mirror after a mouth restoration orimplant placementand participate in the joy and the restoration of self-confidence. This is why I am a dentist; this is why I study more, work hard. I just want to see you smile, happy and successful. Give me a visit.

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